"Sudaca is feeling, Sudaca is passion, is art, music, love. We are peace, we are light, we are north and south. We are those that forged in exile learned to love what life gives us, while longing for what life made ​​us leave behind. You are Sudaca, I am Sudaca, while you are sleep, I am still awake, dreaming. Sudaca is watching the sun melt into the endless Pacific blue sea. I am Sudaca, you are Sudaca - Borges and Vallejo. From Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego Sudaca is a chant that is stilled while observing its fields, full of life, full of light. I am Sudaca, you are Sudaca."


Influenced by Latin America and inspired by street culture, Sudaca has been created to push boundaries thru a premium clothing line that conciously and respectfully reflects a personal way of thinking, with the intention to communicate individuality, tolerance, and social awareness about cultural diversity. Our graphics are the media to express and share our philosophy. Think Wisely.


Our mission statement may sound crazy to some people. However, we are commited to re-state a positive meaning to Sudaca's term and embrace it thru our visual assets, making an effort to put behind any bad connotation created in the past and looking forward to become a reference for new generations worldwide. Peace, Respect, Love.


Established in Los Angeles, Sudaca’s first designs were shown casually to some friends, causing a positive reaction among them. Months later Sudaca was invited to showcased at one of the most important tradeshows in the US and soon after was at exclusive windows in cities as New York, Tokyo, London among others specialty retailers in US and Latin America. We are still writing our history.


The Sudaca project is the brainchild of graphic designer-visual communicator Carlos M. Mansilla. A concept conceived as a result of many years of continous creative brainstorming looking for the right way to communicates his personal thoughs on a way that will make sense to be share to others.

After studying advertising in Lima Peru. Carlos decides to immigrate to the US to continues with his studies and career. After years of experience working as a graphic designer for names as Louis Verdad, Simone Legno, Sanrio, Aeropostale, Mark Ecko to name a few, and his passion for Latin American art and music, motivates him to start this own personal venture.